Top Ten Tuesday: authors I want to meet

Today I’m participating in my first ever Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish and exists as an excuse for book bloggers to make lists upon endless lists.

I have a record of getting flustered and talking complete rubbish to the famous people I want to meet, starting with Jacqueline Wilson when I was about ten. Here’s a list of the top ten authors in front of whom I’d most like to embarrass myself:

(In no particular order)

1. Stephen King

Stephen King is one of my formative influences, and a lot of my most vivid memories related to reading involve his books. Like the time I was reading the most gruesome part of Misery at the back of the class when I was supposed to be revising Latin vocabulary. Probably I would have nothing to say to him that thousands of other Constant Readers hadn’t already said, but just to meet him… that would be cool. And I wouldn’t make him sign all of my books.

2. Katherine Applegate

While we’re talking formative influences… The Animorphs series had a massive impact on me as a young reader and I would love to be able to thank the writers in person for this incredible series. Michael Grant did an event in London while I was living in France, if I recall correctly, which made me very cross!

3. Susan Cooper

I am always pushing The Dark is Rising sequence on people, and I want Susan Cooper to know I’m doing this good work. (Vote Over Sea, Under Stone in the children’s classic tourney!) I’d like to sit down with her and discuss her sources, so I can go and swim in books about the Matter of Britain. We can also discuss how beautiful Cadair Idris is, I guess? If I could overcome my shame, I could even show her my dissertation on her books.

4. Colin Meloy

Colin Meloy is my #1 celebrity crush and consequently I should never, ever be allowed to meet him, but I feel we could have a good chat about Wildwood, and Morrissey, and Wagamama. Whilst drinking red wine. It probably wouldn’t end up in me marrying both him and Carson Ellis and moving to their farm and looking after the llamas.

5. Louise O’Neill

It’s slightly embarrassing to include someone from UKYA-land, because we MIGHT ACTUALLY MEET and they would KNOW I DESIRED THIS HAPPENSTANCE, but whatever. Only Ever Yours is the best book I’ve read in ages, I’m mad excited for Asking For It, and Louise’s twitter either makes me snort with laughter, or punch the air with feminist joy and whisper “yes.

6. Donna Tartt

Donna Tartt is a cult in and of herself, and I just think it’d be interesting to meet her. Somebody said once that she’s the only person you could imagine writing The Secret History; they read the book, then at the end turned the page and saw the author photo and thought, “Oh, that makes sense.”

7. Lucy Wood

I should read her novel before meeting her. I hope it’s good. Her short story collection, Diving Belles, is fantastic, and it’s on the strength of that that she makes the list. It’s a collection of stories based on Cornish folklore, which is about my favourite thing ever. I am intrigued by Lucy Wood largely because she doesn’t seem to have twitter. Who are you, Lucy? How can you survive like this?

8. Patrick Gale

This one is mainly out of jealousy – Patrick Gale is doing a massive tour supporting his (very good) new book, A Place Called Winter, but he isn’t coming anywhere near the Midlands! I keep hearing about how utterly charming and lovely he is but I guess I’ll never find out for myself. Also, Cornwall… LGBT… these are my key words.

9. Maggie Stiefvater

In my head, my meeting Maggie Stiefvater is just me seizing a copy of The Raven King and running away. I would probably show her the picture I took of Cardiff pub Owain Glyndwr and tell her I’d found him and laugh a lot. Honestly though, the Raven Cycle is excellent and I would like to give the author a sincere thumbs up.

10. Ronald Hutton

Ronald Hutton has written loads of books about the ritual year, witchcraft and paganism, and they are all amazing. I don’t tend to read non fiction, but I make an exception for Hutton because I know it’ll be fascinating and engaging. If I met him, I would tell him how useful his books have been to me, and then bow before him to receive the ritual transferral of knowledge that definitely exists.

Well, that was illuminating! Which authors would you like to meet? Should I have put J.K. Rowling, or is that an accepted given?


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: authors I want to meet”

    1. Ah, but so is Susan Cooper! Last I heard, she was a happy expat in the US.

      Thank you! šŸ™‚


    1. I just read the first three books in the Raven Cycle INCREDIBLY QUICKLY and am of course now very cross I have to wait for the final instalment… Maggie does seem a very popular choice.


    1. I feel like Stephen King is kind of reclusive so my chances are low… also, the wrong side of the Atlantic. At least he has twitter now.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I haven’t read any of Stiefvater’s books but I did meet her once and she has a wicked personality (Awesome enough to make me consider having another go at The Raven Boys–I promise you I did try!) It was a fun kind of awkward that I was trying to get a book signed for a giveaway and she asked if I had read anything of hers and I was like “uh, nope :(“. Her charisma definitely deserves more than two-thumbs up!

    Joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts.


    1. Haha, good story! I always feel kind of bad when I like authors as people, but not so much their books. It’s hard when you WANT to like something but just… don’t.


    1. I think we all get into niches sometimes. The book world is very big, after all, which is one of the best things about it! I see you have Margaret Atwood on your list, which I can get behind. And I love that your grandmother introduced you to Outlander!


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