TBR Mayhem: what I’d like to read this month

I’ve been spending time beautifying my bookshelves.

Success! #shelfie #colours

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Staring at the spines of books I still haven’t read got me thinking about what I’d like to have read by the end of this month.


I’m not (yet) fancy enough to get unsolicited book post, but I do have these beauties to read pre-release. The Mountain Can Wait came out 7 May, so I’m already running late! I was very lucky to get my hands on the new Judy Blume at the London Book Fair – Judy will be at YALC this summer, so that’s even more impetus to read this soon! And I hear amazing things about The Accident Season, which has one of the most intriguing premises I’ve encountered in a long time.

At work, I recently f6ef697c5984c290bc0947d6ec39e649discovered an edition of The Hunting of the Snark illustrated by Tove Jansson. Why did no one tell me this existed? I’ve been reading it aloud and enjoying the magical illustrations. This at least should be easy to finish before June.

In a remarkable display of self-control, I returned most of my unread library books, but I did keep hold of Exodus. I’d never heard of Julie Bertagna’s teen classic before a friend named it as one of her all time favourites. I’ve got hold of the only library copy in the city, and I’m loath to give it back, even though it’s been sitting unread for weeks and weeks.

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…

Keeping with the teen classics theme, I’ve been eyeing up my copy of Annie on my Mind, 1982 novel by Nancy Garden and prerequisite for being a bookish girl who likes girls. I did promise a review one day… and it’s one of those books I feel I really ought to have read.

I went to see the Kneehigh Theatre adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca at the beginning of the month. I wanted to read the book before seeing the play, but never got round to it. I should probably read some books published before the millennium, anyway, so this is firmly on the TBR. Kneehigh were/are fantastic, by the way, and Rebecca is touring this autumn!

Finally, I should probably read the books my friend Clare has let me borrow: The Madness Underneath by Maureen Johnson (I loved The Name of the Star) and Grady Hendrix’s Horrorstor.

Am I actually going to read nine books in three or so weeks? Probably not, but it’s nice to dream!

What are you planning to read in the next few weeks? Do you ever have nightmares about your TBR pile toppling over and crushing you? Me too!


1 thought on “TBR Mayhem: what I’d like to read this month”

  1. You have certainly made some wonderfully book-ish plans. Here’s to the manifestation of those dreams!



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