Top Ten Reads of 2015 (part one)

Top Ten Reads of 2015 (part two)

Reflecting my reading habits this year, I’ve split my top ten into two top fives: top five YA novels, and top five of everything else.

SARAH LIKES BOOKS, in particular these five 2015 YA releases:

THE ACCIDENT SEASON by Moïra Fowley-Doyle
I devoured The Accident Season in one sitting back in May, and I’ve already reread it since then. It’s a gorgeous, spooky book and it’s very much my #aesthetic. I can’t wait to read whatever Moïra writes next. Here’s my original review, and I also made a playlist which you can listen to here.

AM I NORMAL YET? by Holly Bourne
I’ve quickly become a Holly superfan. I mean, I even have a tshirt to prove it. (Thanks, Usborne!) Her YA contemporary stands out in a crowded market as authentic, sometimes painful to read, always compelling. Am I Normal Yet? is the first in a trilogy about a grassroots teen feminist group and if you don’t think that’s amazing I don’t know what to say to you. Mini-review in this post here.

BIRDY by Jess Vallance
“A bit horrible, but in my very favourite way,” is how I described Birdy when I read it in the summer. It’s short and sharp like a KNIFE TO THE GUT. It explores the darker side of female friendship, filtered through the lively, irreverent narration of Frances Bird. It’s excellent, and not very nice.

MONSTERS by Emerald Fennell
If The League of Gentlemen wrote a YA novel… This book is morbid, disgusting, and hilarious. It’s got echoes of Daphne du Maurier, The Turn of the Screw, The Little Friend, and Enid Blyton, as well as every grubby seaside postcard you’ve ever seen. It’s perfectly pitched as a kiddies’ mystery novel (and ingeniously typeset and designed just like one too) but please don’t give it to your eight year old niece. I laughed out loud every couple of pages. I’m pretty sure Emerald Fennell wrote this book just for me.

I’m just very excited this book is out there in the world! You can read my review here.

And here they all are together. Interestingly, I own all of my top 5 YA picks, but I own none of the books on my other list. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reads of 2015 (part one)”

    1. It became an instant favourite for me when I read it. So atmospheric and poetic, with very teenage teenagers.


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