Six reasons March is the best month. FACT.


Spring is the worst. Baby animals? Flowers? The first feeble rays of sunshine? Spare me. I like my seasons in extremes: EXTREME cold, EXTREME hot, or EXTREME leaves.

However, as we’ve made our way through our extra-long February, it’s occurred to me that March, despite ushering in the worst season of them all, is actually a pretty great month.

Six reasons March is objectively the best month:

  1. WORLD BOOK DAY – 3 March is World Book Day, a celebration of reading that aims to turn millions of kids into millions of readers. As a kid, I was always super excited to get my £1 book token because it was money you were only allowed to spend on books i.e. the best kind of money for a small bookworm. This year the £1 titles include a brand new story by Rainbow Rowell! I am still trying to decide who to dress up as this year. It’s an extremely serious decision.
  2. INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY – (8 March) International-Womens-DayThe bad thing about IWD is that I have to fend off daily enquiries about International Men’s Day (17 November, go away now, thanks). The good thing is getting to celebrate wonderful, powerful, important women. For once, my strident feminism gets an outlet. This year’s theme is #PledgeForParity and you can make your pledge here.
  3. BAILEYS PRIZE LONGLIST – Also on 8 March, the titles of the 20 books longlisted for this year’s Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction will be revealed. This is one of my favourite literary prizes, and not just because they send us lots of swag at the library! It’s always an interesting list, and I can’t wait to discover some fantastic female authors.
  4. YA BOOK PRIZE SHORTLIST – 2pm Thursday 10 March, the second ever YA Book Prize shortlist will be announced! yabp16This blog began, more or less, with my reviews of the inaugural shortlist, and I can’t wait to do it all again. I’m interested, too, to see how much overlap there is with the Carnegie shortlist, announced Tuesday 15 March.
  5. EASTER – (And Ostara.) I’ve given up biscuits for Lent because I hate being happy, but Easter is super early this year and I only have to wait until the end of the month. Also, time off work, and lots of chocolate! Easter is pretty great. Just not as great as…
  6. MY BIRTHDAY! Heck yeah, I’m turning 25 this month!!! Sorry, Rosa, but I am a big loser and I think my birthday is one of the most important days of the year. I’M READY TO PARTY.



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