Help, I still don’t have a World Book Day costume

WBD2016_blue_rightup-01Tragically, I love an excuse to dress up in costumes, but I’m actually… really bad at it. I lack commitment. I lack focus. I lack ideas.

Here are my terrible ideas for costumes, this fine World Book Day 2016:


Therese Belivet

In searching for a picture to accompany this blog, I read a couple of reviews of Carol, and mainly my conclusion is that I really want to see Carol again. (Therefore I am already channelling Therese with 100% success, right?) Rooney Mara is so adorable in this movie. In reality, I don’t think I could pull off a short fringe. But I can dream of those fifties fashions. MAIN CONS OF THIS COSTUME: it is only tangentially a book character costume, it is in no way a children’s book character costume, it is a terrible idea. MAIN PROS: I can definitely pull off the “unquenchable thirst for Cate Blanchett” vibe.

Belle (and Boo)


Belle has absolutely flawless style. I would have to carry around a fluffy bunny all day, but I don’t think that would be a major problem. It would also be kind of weird to be a small retro child… I guess… MAIN CONS OF THIS COSTUME: my fluffy bunny would probably get chewed by a toddler at some point during the day, nobody would know who I was dressed up as. MAIN PROS: I would be adorable.

Hermione Granger

I had a haircut recently (#fascinatingbloggerinsights) and as well as decreasing my supernatural strength, it has decreased my physical similarity to Hermione Granger. Now my hair is only diminutively bushy. Also, I KNOW CHILDREN’S BOOKS. I should be able to think of something more inspired than “Harry Potter character” surely? MAIN CONS OF THIS COSTUME: I would have to buy Gryffindor merch and as a staunch Ravenclaw, I find that idea abhorrent. MAIN PROS: Hermione freakin’ Granger, y’all!
(P.S. if you are dressing up as Hermione this WBD, I fully support you, it just doesn’t feel right for me at this time in my life)


(Alas, I cannot remember Bea’s surname.) The top secret reason I’m not being Bea for World Book Day is because I am keeping her in reserve for her true audience… YALC attendees. You heard it here first!! Bea is my perfect cosplay because I already am tall with curly hair, tarot cards, and a ukulele. Just add red hair dye + lipstick. I will not be doing an accent, you will be relieved to hear. MAIN CONS OF THIS COSTUME: YALC. MAIN PROS: Certainly not my ukulele playing.


I have also considered Mildred Hubble (I have insufficient hair) and Winnie the Witch. There is a considerable theme emerging. A colleague told me the other day that I could be the library witch and it was honestly the most positive affirmation I have ever received.

But then someone reminded me of another book witch…

Someone with a super easy costume… (Converse! Jeans! Things I wear already!)

It’s Titchy Witch!


She’s a small ginger witch who’s excited about her haircut! SO RELATABLE. I think I might have a last-minute costume for World Book Day…


1 thought on “Help, I still don’t have a World Book Day costume”

  1. I totally love the idea of going as Titchy Witch, what a classic! I think your blog is great – I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award in my latest post. I hope you haven’t been nominated already! Sammie x


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