A Personal Announcement

I’ve been breaking this news slowly over the past couple of weeks, but I thought I’d make a blog post because a) it’s my blog ok whatever and b) it’s pretty big news.

In September I will be starting a MSc Publishing course…

…in Edinburgh.

Geographically, professionally, emotionally, symbolically, it’s a huge move. I am stressed and delighted and scared and excited.

I’m not going to stop blogging about books, but obviously MOVING TO EDINBURGH and STUDYING PUBLISHING are going to be major concerns of mine for the next twelve months or so, and consequently you can expect to see some posts about that.I haven’t decided yet whether to start a new blog. I’m a terrific project-starter. I have left the ghosts of budding blogs all across the internet. This one, I’ve actually stuck with for more than a year, and so it’d be nice to keep it going, but also I love a blank slate. Hmm.

I’ve had a wonderful time getting into the book community online and in real life (shout out to the YA Midlands contingent!!) and I’m about to invest some hefty time and money getting further into the book community. It’s scary! It’s exciting! I will be leaving behind both my hometown and my job in public libraries, and I can’t pretend it’s going to be easy, but I retain huge affection and pride for the West Midlands and I will never ever ever stop advocating for libraries.

I’m going to stop now before I get (more) emotional.

Recommendations of all kind are heartily invited: tell me where to get the best dim sum in Scotland, push the best local literature on me, please find me an affordable two bedroom flat

I am so grateful for the opportunity to pursue the career of my dreams in the most magical city I’ve ever visited. Even if I’m going to be broke forever. Life is pretty cool sometimes, folks.


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